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The Chinook Trail Difference 

People over process is what makes Chinook Trail special. We share information openly, broadly and deliberately, and we are extraordinarily candid with each other. Everyone is part of the team: students, staff, families, and community. Our collaboration allows for focused learning, flexibility, creativity, respect, and fun.

Creative Curriculum 

Classes at Chinook Trail are designed with the ideas of competency-based learning, grounded in standards, student choice, and meaningful feedback. Students demonstrate mastery at their own pace, with learning targets that are clear, understandable, and realistic. At its fundamental core, competency-based learning means being explicit about what students will learn and how they will be assessed on their learning.

Student Ownership 

With encouragement and guidance, Chinook Trail students take ownership of their learning. Curiosity, empathy and risk taking are urged as they use real-world thinking valuable for future pursuits. By investing in their own goals and understanding their work styles, students foster their social and emotional intelligence.

Learning Every Day

Each grade level has its own schedule, which allows teachers to flex class times to support student projects.  Mornings start with Advisory, a class where students across grades celebrate each other and nurture social and emotional learning. Students attend two exploratory courses daily with their grade level peers.

Progressive Space

The Chinook Trail campus is made up of modern, unique and flexible spaces that invite collaboration and communication. Dedicated halls for each grade flow into places where our community thrives- learning lounges, the Connections Café, the Curiosity Center, and Red Rocks, our presentation space. 

A Learning Organization 

Learning is an ongoing and creative process at Chinook Trail, one that develops, adapts, and transforms as students grow. Using a collaborative mindset, we tap into all resources – students, staff, families, and community -to develop an agile learning environment where all thrive.