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Owl Capture.pngWelcome to the Chinook Trail Middle School
Curiosity Center!

This is where you go to find Information including books, audio and e-books, digital 

resources and reseach databases. You have access to websites to cite sources 

for projects and information about Digital Citizenship. Check back often for tips and tricks 

and book recommendations from Mrs. Rose. You may check up to four books out at 

a time, and may keep them for two weeks. If you need to keep them longer, please see 

Mrs. Rose to work out details.

Destiny Discover Student Tutorial Video

During this time of remote learning, you may continue to check out books from the Curiosity Center!  Please take a peek at the tutorial video above to learn how to place books on hold for pick-up.  This Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19, Ms. Rose will be out in front of the school from 12 pm - 4 pm so you can return the books you have now and pick up any new books you have placed on hold. Returning books can be placed on the green rolling Touch Cart. Your books for pick-up will be on the gray cart with your name on them. Please take a peek at the tutorial to learn how to place books on hold for pick-up. Stay curious!

Citation Sites without Advertisements

Citation Builder​
Cloud Cite

Did you Know?

On your school supply list is the request for you to get a Pikes Peak Library District card.  Why would we ask you to do this?                                           

  • The PPLD has access to hundreds of digital titles. 
  • PPLD has a vast database for research. 
  • You can stream movies, documentaries and music from PPLD.
  • Online classes and tutorials are offered.
  •  Here's the best part....IT'S ALL FREE!

We can't wait to meet all of you!

Elizabeth Rose

Eric Muenchen
Digital Learning Coach                eric.muenchen@asd20.org
Seth Plechas
District Technology Technician