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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative and collaborative process for identifying problems and coming up with innovative solutions. It is a strategy for teachers to engage students in an active, meaning-making method that encourages the connection of core content with real-world application. In the end, design thinking is a way to plan and facilitate project-based learning.

How it Applies

The process is adaptable enough to be used in a range of subject areas and is naturally interdisciplinary. In any design project, students have practical and relevant opportunities to improve verbal, written, and visual communication skills. Beyond these considerations, utilizing the design thinking process is an applied way to give students a running start for the jobs and challenges of tomorrow.

The Five Elements


Develop a deep understanding of the challenge.


Clearly articulate the problem you want to solve.


Brainstorm potential solutions; select and develop your solution.


Design a prototype (or series of prototypes) to test all or part of your solution.


Engage in a continuous short-cycle innovation process to continually improve your design.