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Administration Team
Tom Andrew, Principal
Shawn Parsons, Assistant Principal
​Jenny O'Brien, Principal's Secretary
​Isabel Dinkel, Assistant Principal's Secretary
​Officer Natasha Campbell, SRO
​Lana Miller, Bookkeeper
​Colleen Conlin, Front Office Secretary
​Amy Rockhill, Health Room Clerk

6th Grade
Team 641Team 642Team 643
Anna Helmuth: sciKendra Larmour: sci
Brandi Pelky: sci
Ellie Verhey: math Stephanie Wilcox: mathCourtney Beatty: math
Drew Bixler: humanities LALauren Yanez: humanities LADenise Huber: humanities LA
Lisa Thomassen: humanities SS Robert Haack: humanities SSAndrea Varga: humanities SS

7th Grade8th Grade
Team 741Team 843
Jennifer Richardson: sci
Drew Kaman: sci
Cathy Martin: mathChris Kintz and Audra Holck: math
Jeff Bloodworth: humanities LAAmy Rockenbach: humanities LA
Rachel Chizever: humanities SSDan Hinkin: humanities SS

Art (2D and 3D): Emmy Alarcon
PE/Health: Audra Holck
Band/Orchestra: Stacey Dyer
PE/Health: Keith Britton
Band/Orchestra (6th gr.): Carla Scott
Spanish: Tessa Oliveira
Computer Science: Eric Muenchen
Mandarin Chinese: PeiPei Chang

Learning Services
Danika Hamer (6th gr. resource)
Emily Cahalane (7th/8th gr. resource)
Carrie Kahl (SSN)
Stacy Guerin (TAG)
Ina Hodges (ESL)
Terri Inloes (Librarian)
​Susie King (SSN Para)
​Matt Maitland (SSN Para)
​April Hernandez (Technology Tech)
​Odessa Cairns (SSN Para)

Counseling Team
Brittney Nosker, 6th gr. Counselor
Julie Hendrickson, 7th/8th gr. Counselor
Laurie Uddenberg, Registrar/Secretary

Facilities Team
Jason Anton: Building Manager
Amanada Willis: Lead Custodian
Shania Ford: Custodian
Cory Gillaspie: Custodian
Andres Jimenez: Custodian