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Art Club

Due to the enormous amount of interest in the art club, students selected for the fall session will not be eligible for the spring session to maximize participation for all.

Please have you and your parents Fill out and sign the attached form below (labeled: fall art club permission form) and give it to the office

Who and How: Any student who submits a form (see below) will be considered

For more info contact TBD - Delayed

Allies Club

A safe place for LGBTQ+ and their Straight Allies.  Inclusivity, Belonging, Accepting, Caring, Friends. 

See Ms. Chizever or Ms. Larmour for more information.​

Band Club

B.A.S.H. (Band After School Help)
Want to sound awesome? Hate practicing alone? Band (or orchestra) students. Spending time playing your instrument is the only way to get better. Have questions contact Mrs. Dyer at

Brain Bowl

Do you enjoy competition? Do you love academics?  How about academic competitions? Join us for Brain Bowl. As we work together to prepare for battle with other schools at the regional and state competitions. 

See the PDF document below for more information. Sign up in the office or contact Mrs. Guerin with questions.  Fee: t-shirt cost $12

Brain Bowl Club PDF (3).pdf

Brain Bowl Application.pdf

Chess Club

What: an after school club where we play, learn, and discuss all things CHESS.  Anyone who has an interest in the game can play!  To learn, grow, and hone our skills together. Our intention is to also compete in the district chess tournament in the spring.

 When:TBD - Delayed

Please contact Ms. Andrea Varga at

CTMS Chess Club Sign up form

Drama Club

Theater Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theater. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, improv skill, set building, and costumes/makeup design. 

Contact Mr. Hinkin at

Forensics Club

As a member of the Forensics Club, students will put their performing skills to the test by competing against local schools in the areas of public speaking, solo and duet acting, storytelling, and many other skills public speaking arenas.

If you are interested in joining, or think you might be interested, 

WHEN and WHERE:  TBD - Delayed

For more information, please contact Mr. Haack at

Event Descriptions document

Please fill out the Forensics Permission slip by filling out this form:

The Hoot

The monthly Hoot is a student led school newspaper that covers stories of interest to students and staff.   

Contact: Mrs. Lauren Yanez​

Math Counts
In Math Counts, we make learning math fun. We believe middle school is a critical juncture when a love of math must be encouraged, and a fear of math must be overcome. 

At CTMS, we strive to build problem solving skills and positive attitudes about math, so students embrace challenges and persist through the “struggle”.  Please come and join us!

Meets:  TBD Delayed
Time: TBD

Contact Mrs. Wilcox at,
Mr. Kintz at

Military Group

A place for students who are united by the military to share about challenges they face, work on their resiliency and know they have other peers going through some of the same things they are.  We focus on the positives of being a military family while celebrating what brings us all together. 


National Junior Honor Society is an organization that is committed to developing scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship in our students. 7th grade students with cumulative GPA’s of 3.8 or higher will be invited to apply to join and accepted members will be inducted in May of each year. Students will complete community service hours and will help Chinook Trail Middle School in leadership and service activities. 

For more Info please contact Mrs. Richardson at or Mrs. Barlow at

Owl Choir

Do you love to sing?  Owl Choir Club is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders at CTMS.

See the PDF document below for more information. Sign up in the office for one or more sections.

Choir will meet TBD - Delayed

T-Shirt cost $12.00

Contact Mrs. Guerin with questions

Owl Choir Club. Final.pdf

Owls C.A.R.E

Do you want to BE THE GOOD in the world and MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE in our community?

We will be exploring ideas to make our school, our town, and our world a better place for everybody.

Questions? Come see Ms. Larmour in pod 642 or email her at

Community Service Club Info

Robotics Club

Open to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Students will develop engineering, coding, and collaboration skills, applied in a variety of robotic formats (including but not limited to Lego and Cue robots).

For more information, contact any of the three coaches:

Eric Muenchen: Anna Helmuth: Cathy Martin:

Robotics Contract.pdf

Rubik's Cube Club

Students participating in this club will learn
how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, improve their
speed, as well as create mosaic artwork using up to 600 Rubik’s Cubes as a medium.

Contact Kendra Larmour at if you have any questions.

Chinook Cubers Info


Student Council is a student-led activity whose participants are chosen through an application process. It seeks to provide a valuable leadership partnership between students and their school. It creates the opportunity for students to become effective leaders, thus encouraging and influencing a positive school climate. We will coordinate some service opportunities and some opportunities for students to create events for their classmates. 

Contacts:, and

The CTMS Spelling Bee

Any 6th - 8th grader interested in participating in the CTMS Spelling Bee may participate. 

Click on link below for more information or contact Mrs. Guerin at with questions.

Chinook Trail Middle School Spelling Bee.pdf

2020 Great Words Great Works List by Level
2020 Words of the Champions
2020 Spelling Bee List
CTMS Spelling Bee Rules
How to study for a Spelling Bee

This is a closed event for competitors and school staff members only.

String Ensembles

The activity is for students who play violin, viola, cello and string bass.

The purpose of this group is so string students of similar playing abilities can play together in small groups/ensembles regardless of their grade level.

 You can play all year of as much of the year as you have time to participate. Students will have the opportunity to perform throughout the year.

Stacey Dyer @

Strings Ensemble.pdf

Sources of Strength

Sources of Strength: A best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse.  The mission of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults.  Sources of Strength moves beyond a singular focus on risk factors by utilizing an upstream approach for youth suicide prevention.  This upstream model strengthens multiple sources of support (protective factors) around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on. 

Meets: Bi-Weekly 

Yearbook Staff

Yearbook Goals:
The goals for yearbook club are to create an inclusive book that covers the year’s events for all students.
• Establish a firm editorial staff structure so students understand to whom they report and how the creation process works.
• Students have job descriptions, know their roles and are assigned pages and tasks related to their individual interests immediately. 
• Foster a fun, professional and team-oriented yearbook culture. 
• Create a new format based off of the standard organization of yearbooks.

Students will learn:
• Basic principles of scholastic press law, such as First Amendment status, libel, copyright, obscenity, and other topics of legal concern.
• Policies that involve selection of editors, staff conduct and removal from staff.
• Job descriptions and other matters of organization and production.
• Skills to collaborate in a virtual environment.

Meeting Times:
• Tuesday Afternoons on Microsoft Teams 3:10pm to 4:10pm

Contact Info:
Jeff Bloodworth

Contract for Parents-Students for CTMS Yearbook Staff