Advisory, Advisors, and Parent-Student-Advisor Conferences

The mission of our Advisory program is to create and nurture a positive learning community, build meaningful relationships, and encourage excellent social, emotional and physical wellbeing.  

Our overall goal is to address social and emotional learning; celebrate individuals from a strength-based approach and address areas to grow.  Advisory groups are blended with students from all three grade levels, and all licensed teaching staff serve as Advisors to create a smaller learning environment.  Ideally, students roll with the same Advisor all three years to develop deep, meaningful relationships between peers and staff.   

Parent-Student-Advisor Conferences provide families the opportunity to share information in support of their child’s learning adventure with their Advisor.  Students will present evidence of learning, share a self-reflection of our Ultimate Learner Competencies, and look to set a long-term growth goal with you as a team. 

Advisory is one of the cornerstones of middle level education, along with teaming and Exploratories.  According to the Association of Middle Level Education, “research points to many positive outcomes for students who have a personal connection to their education. They are more likely to have stronger academic outcomes, better attendance, higher academic expectations, positive self-concept, and make healthier social and lifestyle choices”.